Daftar Harga Volvo S70 Bekas / Second tahun 1998 – 2000

Pricelist, review and detail pictures Volvo S70: Short Dicription all About Volvo S70:
When Volvo Cars sent out its share of top vehicles that offered much safety, the world went for them. When the company sent out the quality Volvo S70 performance parts and other Volvo parts, the industry was more than grateful. But when Volvo Cars ushered in their Volvo XC90 vehicle, the world was astounded and made a huge rush to own one of these.

There would not have been such a huge commotion if the company had been able to supply the market with sporty vehicles like the Volvo XC90. But this SUV was the very first of its kind in the Volvo range that took the fancy of those Volvo lovers who were sporty drivers as well. With that, the sales surged and more people were clamoring for the Volvo XC90.

What does Volvo do when the automobile industry is asking for more Volvo XC90s? Well, what the company does is to expand its range by adding in variety which comes in the form of the new Volvo XC90 V8 sport. After all, the company does say that this one has got an even more dynamic chassis setting. Its appearance is unique and catching. The interior has been upgraded. Plus, the suspension is sport tuned so as to give its driver that sporty feel.
Detail Pictures Volvo S70:
Volvo S70 SPEC

Model :S70 2,4L
Built in :2000
Engine :5 cyl. Inline alu, 20 V (B 5244S)
compression :10,3:1
Power :125 kw/168HP @ 5700 rpm
Torque :220 @ 3750 rpm
Transmission :Automatic - AW 42L w/ Lockup (thinking gear box with winter program)
Fuel :91-98 unleaded only (68 litre capacity)
Brakes :Discs, Ventilated front disks.
Tyres/ Wheels : 205/55-16

Equipment : Power windows X 4
Aluminium dashboard details
Dark grey leather interior
Leather steering wheel
Air Conditioner
Airbag X 4
Automatic gearbox

Pricelist Volvo S70:

Daftar Harga Volvo S70 Bekas / Second
Volvo S70 SE 1998 – 2000 60 – 70
Volvo S70 T5 A/T 1998 – 2000 110 – 160