All New 2010 Spark LS 1.0 M/T Price list

Harga Chevrolet Spark :Spark is one of the cars manufactured by Chevrolet, has been marketed worldwide since 1988. This car is suitable for small families or newlyweds. Chevrolet Spark or Matiz Daewoo sedan was the vehicle manufactured by South Korean company, GM Daewoo since 1998 for the Asian market. Peugeot 206 was first launched in 1998 with the vehicle door 5. This car is the design of the Chery QQ

2010 Chevrolet Spark

Daewoo Matiz is also marketed in China and some Asian countries such as the Chevrolet Spark, the Matiz has become the center of controversy in the industry since the car is very similar to the Chery QQ, which has been introduced by a local manufacturer Chery Automobile. Chevrolet Spark is fuel efficient 1.0-liter S-TEC engine that produces power for 63 ps @ 5400 rpm. Automobile suspension system has been designed specifically for the condition and convenience of motorists.

Tipe Mobil
All New Spark LS 1.0 M/T 107.000.000
All New Spark LT 1.0 M/T 118.000.000

Harga Chevrolet Spark Bekas
Tipe Mobil
Spark LS 2003 50 – 55
2004 55 – 60
2005 60 – 65
New Spark 2006 65 – 70
2007 70 – 75
2008 75 – 80