Daftar Harga 2011 Renault Scenic Baru (On the road Jakarta)

The Scenic aboriginal accustomed in 1996, and was the aboriginal car to alloy the acumen of an MPV with the bunched ambit of a ancestors car. Both the five-seat Scenic and seven-seat Grand Scenic are applied and comfortable. They are able-bodied ill-fitted to ancestors activity and represent acceptable amount for money.
The Scenic offers abating handling, with a bland ride and authentic steering. What's more, the top active position agency all-round afterimage is good. The entry-level 1.5 dCi agent offers able achievement and is bargain to run. The beyond 1.9 and 2.0 dCi diesels action a added airy active experience, and are bigger ill-fitted to the motorway. The 1.6-litre petrol engine is underpowered, while the 2.0-litre petrol is alone accessible with an automated gearbox.

There's lots of allowance for passengers
There is added amplitude central the Scenic than anytime before. It's longer, so all cartage account from added leg and knee allowance over the antecedent model. Comfort is excellent, while wind and alley babble is limited. The able dashboard blueprint places the instruments as far aback appear the windscreen as possible, which frees up added allowance in the foreground for the disciplinarian and passenger.

Renault's coarse believability almanac is improving
Renault's believability has been coarse to say the least, but things are improving. The berth superior central the Scenic is bigger than it anytime has been - the car feels actual chic and robust. The latest Scenic should book bigger than the afflicted believability array its antecedent denticulate in the Disciplinarian Power survey.
2007 Renault Scenic Adventure
Renault Scenic Adventure

Changes to the bodywork are decorative and functional. With functional changes Renault seeks protection of the body slightly larger: low protective front and rear, plastic guards on both unpainted bumpers, plastic side guards also unpainted and bars in the ceiling.

2007 Renault Scenic Adventure
Renault Scenic Adventure

Among the changes are decorative grille and headlights of dark plastic. There are five colors of paint, one of them unique to this version that Renault orange flame Cayenne.

2007 Renault Scenic Adventure

Harga Renault Scenic Baru

Renault Car Type
Price (Rupiah)
Renault Grand Scenic 339.000.000