Daftar harga Isuzu Panther (Panther Adventure-Panther Touring )

Short Descriptions:
Isuzu Panther Affairs taste experience is a Diesel-fueled passenger cars the longest feel the acid salt of this market segment. His popularity is no longer so bright as the previous period. In addition to many alternative Diesel passenger cars, the rival offers a fresh design. Panther while still maintaining a conservative design, yet the fans and fanatics panther still believe in the reliability of the engine and its performance. Bandel, durable, economical, and affordable, so the words were spoken from users panther.

Then what is the key to why the Panther entrenched in key positions economical vehicles?. And if you notice that the engine technology in use panther less sophisticated users of diesel in the country. Only a panther who are still using direct-injection fuel supply of conventional, others are supported commonrail. The use of turbochargers is shown to make a complete combustion, so emissions can be in accordance with standard Euro2. Workers who do not dihasilkanpun for other contestants.

Isuzu to maximize the performance of the engine so that the volume of gasoline that comes out balanced with the energy it produces. Use of Exhaust Gasre-Circulation is also a part of helping restore the unburnt diesel fuel for use in subsequent combustion process. Also ditungang also with setting the final gear ratio and transmission for use in already in balance the character of the highway needs of Indonesia....

Daftar harga Isuzu Panther
Harga Isuzu New Panther Adventure 2.5 M/T - Rp.230,000,000
Harga Isuzu New Panther Grand Touring 2.5 M/T - Rp.259,200,000
Harga Isuzu New Panther LS Turbo 2.5 M/T - Rp.242,500,000
Harga Isuzu New Panther LV 2.5 M/T (FF) - Rp.218,500,000
Harga Isuzu New Panther LV 2.5 M/T (FtF) - Rp.216,500,000
Harga Isuzu New Panther Smart 2.5 M/T - Rp.208,000,000
Harga Isuzu New Panther Smart 2.5 M/T (FtF) - Rp.210,000,000
Harga Isuzu New Panther Touring 2.5 M/T - Rp.246,500,000