Daftar Harga Nissan Grand Livina Ultimate dan Nissan Grand Livina XV

Short Descriptions:Nissan Grand Livina Ultimate dan Nissan Grand Livina XV
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. traces its beginnings to 1914. Its founders included Yoshisuke Aikawa, Rokuro Aoyama, Kenjiro Study and Meitaro Takeuchi. The company hurdled challenges through its childhood due to a restricted market. Within the 1920s, the business came out with military cars under the name DAT Motors. DAT Motors merged with Jitsuyo Motors. It became Nissan inside the 1930s became Nissan. Nissan advertized its vehicles inside the US as Datsun (which meant the 'son of Dat') until 1979, when it officially changed to Nissan.

The very first Nissan Z vehicle was the Datsun 240Z, a two-seater sports automobile which was formally presented in the course of the autumn of 1969. Though exported as Datsun 240-Z, the motor car was sold in Japan since the Nissan Fairlady Z. Earlier in 1966, the Nissan Sunny was launched since the Datsun 1000. Japanese manufacture of this auto model ended in 2004, but was still produced in certain markets. In the United States and Asian markets, the later models were referred to as the Nissan Sentra (rebadged export version with the Nissan Sunny).

Up-to-date automobile buffs recognize some of the vehicles that rolled off the Nissan assembly line as icons with the automobile historical past. These comprise of the Skyline GT-R.The Skyline is a mid-size car or truck originally created by Japanese automaker Prince Motor Business (which merged with Nissan in 1966) starting in 1957. It comes in distinct styles -- coupé, sedan or wagon.

In 1976, the Nissan Maxima was unveiled. Most Nissan vehicles, other than the sleek models employed for racing, were reliable family cars. Offering a bit more excitement was the Nissan Maxima, which was powered by a V6 engine, and featured upscale interiors.

Other popular Nissan vehicles are the Be-1 (introduced in 1987) and also the Cima (unveiled in 1988). The Cima, a luxury vehicle produced for the Japanese market, was redesigned and reintroduced in August 1991. The styling focused on producing the automobile far more luxury-oriented. Also noteworthy could be the launching of the Nissan Grand Livina, whose spaciousness equals the capability on the heavier market-leading multipurpose automobiles.


Daftar Harga Nissan Grand Livina Ultimate dan Nissan Grand Livina XV
Nissan Grand Livina Ultimate 1.8 A/T - Rp.244,655,000
Nissan Grand Livina Ultimate 1.8 M/T - Rp.236,600,000
Nissan Grand Livina XV 1.5 A/T - Rp.189,356,500
Nissan Grand Livina XV 1.5 M/T - Rp.181,569,500
Nissan Grand Livina XV 1.8 A/T - Rp.219,013,750
Nissan Grand Livina XV 1.8 M/T - Rp.212,000,000