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2010 Exterior Pajero-Exceed

2009-2010 Detail interior Pajero Exceed

Test Drive Pajero GLX BE

2010 Pajero GLX BE

Detail interior Pajero GLX BE

Two years ago, in 2008 we began noticing the change in the Indian car industry. Over 40 models were lined up for launch at an auto show that year and, for the very first time one was given the assurance of being able to see 35 SUVs in 2 years. Never before did the Indian consumer have so many options as far as SUVs were concerned. A year before that, in 2007, 3.5 Lakh SUVs were sold in India. That was indeed astounding and the SUV market has only grown since then.

The plant with an investment of Rs 4,500 Crore is believed to be producing the Nissan Micra for India and the European market. Besides, it will also make several other models for the Indian automobile market. The company has 10 dealerships across India which will be increased to 55 over a period of two years. In 2007, 533 Nissan Motors cars in India had been sold and the car maker plans to increase the figures. Let's have a look at the Nissan Motors cars in India as of today.

Nissan's mission is to offer its customers in India with unique and innovative automotive products and services that convey advanced quantifiable principles to all stakeholders. It has the vision of enriching lives of people in India. The 370Z is a Nissan Motors' car in India that comes with spectacular performance, advanced technology and chic flowing design. It is available as the Touring Coupe MT and Touring Coupe AT in India. The car's VQ37VHR 3.7 L DOHC V6 engine can stir up 332 bhp. The Nissan 370Z comes with features like push button start, power windows with one-touch auto up/down, rear window defroster with timer and an AM/FM/CD/AUX 8-speaker BOSE audio system with illuminated steering wheel-mounted controls.

The pitfalls of doing business in other countries can be large and deep and there have been many examples of failed or embarrassing market entries for multi-national companies - here are some examples of what can happen when things get 'lost in translation':

Pepsi's "Come alive with the Pepsi Generation" translated into "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave", in Chinese.

When Mitsubishi launched its Pajero 4WD in Spain they had the shock of a lifetime. As they were promoting Pajero they forgot to take into account the word "Pajero" means "jerk" in Spanish.

Daftar harga Mitsubishi Pajero:
Model / Type Price
Pajero Exceed (4x2) A/T Rp 376.000.000
Pajero GLX BE (4x4) M/T Rp 410.000.000
Pajero Exceed (4x4) A/T Rp 451.000.000