Harga Mitsubishi-Strada 4WD Triton

Harga Mitsubishi-Strada 4WD Triton

Mitsubishi-Strada 4WD Triton

Red color Mitsubishi-Strada 4WD Triton


Mitsubishi air conditioners come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any homeowner's needs. There are central air units that are the large 'box' kind that set outside a house and cool the entire home, and then there is a small window unit that fits inside a window and will cool one room only. Additionally, there are units that set on the floor of a room, something similar to a space heater, and cool a room without taking up window space.

What dictates the size and style of a cooling unit for a home would be what a homeowner could afford. Of course the smaller, window units would be the cheaper choice. However, this would limit a person and their family to just one room in order to stay cool and comfortable. There are many choices for central cooling systems which are now more reasonably priced and will cool an entire house.

Air cooling units by Mitsubishi are energy effective, environmentally friendly as well as extremely advanced. The Mitsubishi utilizes some of the most innovative technology in the air conditioning field.

The compressor utilized in their air conditioner is a well-adjusted rotary presser. Those sorts of compressors are one of the best compressors available on the market. The most recent and most innovative air conditioning technology is used in every unit by Mitsubishi. ACs by Mitsubishi are known to be highly reliable. These air conditioning units are sold with a three-year parts guarantee.

Daftar Harga Mitsubishi-Strada Indonesia:
Model / Type Price
Strada Triton Single Cabin GLX Rp 238.500.000
Strada Triton Turbo Intercooler EXCEED A/T Rp 354.250.000
Strada Triton Turbo Intercooler GLS Rp 319.250.000
Strada Triton Double Cabin GLX Rp 295.750.000
Strada Triton Turbo Intercooler EXCEED Rp 343.500.000