Daftar harga Mitsubishi type Fuso


Daftar harga Mitsubishi type Fuso



When you buy a tipper truck or a Mitsubishi Fuso, you would generally make a note of the technical specifications including the cargo capacity and the engine displacement. While these are enough to ensure a good return on investment, you will also have to focus on the supplementary aspects like cabin comfort etc. if you are to ensure the safety and comfort of the truck driver. The Mitsubishi Canter has one of the best driving positions in the commercial vehicle category and is rated high by all drivers because of the comfort it offers. It is these little noticed factors that make all the difference in a winning supply chain that can be effectively utilized by you as a business owner.

In case you would like to try out the capabilities of the Canter before going in for a fleet purchase, it would be advisable to buy a used Canter so that you can base your purchase decision on the actual experience that you have with this truck. You could also buy a used Mitsubishi Fuso Canter if you require only light hauling capabilities. The age of the vehicle may not be of any consequence in these circumstances.

The Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is therefore one of the best options that you might have for meeting your commodity or goods moving needs. You can be assured of a fast turnaround of goods in your supply chain once you induct the Mitsubishi Canter in your commercial vehicle fleet. This will in turn guarantee your business the steady profits that it requires to remain viable in the economic environment that we find ourselves in these days.

Daftar harga Mitsubishi type Fuso:

Model / Type Price
Fuso FM 517 HS (4x2) 220 PS 6 Ban Rp 443.500.000
Fuso FM 517 HL 4x2 220 PS 6 Ban Rp 472.000.000
Fuso FN 527 ML 220 PS 10 Ban Rp 671.000.000
Fuso FN 527 MS 6x4 220 PS 10 Ban Rp 657.750.000
Fuso FN 517 ML2 220 PS 10 Ban Rp 558.750.000